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      2. Monthly Archives

        May 2021

        Summer Camp is Coming!

        By | Admissions | One Comment

        請您掃描下方二維碼查看《暑期夏令營指南》,文件中詳細描述了課程信息和開設時段等相關信息。請您務必在報名前仔細閱讀。 Please scan the QR Code to access the Summer Camp Guide. It is important to read carefully about the course information,? schedule and other details before starting your application….

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        Teacher Appreciation Day

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        三層的教師活動室是謝師宴的主會場,家委會在此為老師們親手準備了豐盛美味的謝師宴,有精美可口的紙杯蛋糕、有香氣撲鼻的烤雞翅、還有色味俱佳的意大利面,以及最受歡迎的巧克力噴泉,都是出自家長之手。除此之外,還有鮮花、蛋糕、面包、甜點、飲料、各式水果……精心布置的會場、親手烘焙的食物、精挑細選的禮物,家長們用自己的方式表達了對于老師一年以來辛勤工作的感謝。 The Parent Council prepared and made a delicious banquet for teachers?at the?activity room on the third floor, including exquisite cupcakes, roast chicken wings, tasty pasta, and the most popular…

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        THIS DL Sports Day

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        在競技中學會勇敢與相互鼓勵, Learn to be brave and support each other in competitions, 在運動中發揚清華精神! and carry forward Tsinghua Spirit in sports. 小清華人們,保持熱愛! We are proud to be Tsinghua!? 編輯 Editing | Ella…

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