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      2. THIS 語言文化日|?Hola! Bonjour! 多元文化“初體驗”!

        By Tuesday April 19th, 2022Middle School


        Colorful world with diverse cultures

        語言文化日 ?

         Spring Languages Fair 


        Recently, THIS 8th-grade students, with the support of their French and Spanish teachers, hosted this year’s Spring World Languages Fair. These students applied what they had learned in class to create a variety of posters and fun, interactive games to introduce French and Spanish to the 7th graders. The aim for this event was to ignite interest and curiosity for these world languages as students are beginning to look ahead to next school year’s program of study.


        Because Chinese, English, Spanish and French are the top 5 most spoken languages around the world (together with Hindi), THIS places great emphasis on developing the multilingual communication skills of our students who will, in future go on to the world stage.


        Foreign Languages (French and Spanish) are a few of many electives THIS offers to high school students. With this “first taste” of these foreign languages, we hope to encourage students to develop an interest in learning a foreign language and to understand that learning a language is not only about learning words and grammar, but also about understanding and familiarizing with cultures and customs.

        Mr.Christophe Eloy 

        法語老師 / French teacher

        French grammar is way more complex than English or Chinese, and the pronunciation is very different. Despite these challenges, the students are very lively in French class. It was interesting to see them become the teachers at the fair. Whether they were preparing trivia, a game, or a short French class, they reflected on what they have learned and what they can let others discover easily in 5 minutes. They put a lot of effort into making their stations fun, and I think the fair was quite successful.


        Ms. Yolanda Talero

        西班牙語老師 /  Spanish Teacher

        Learning a third language is a challenge for our students because of the grammatical differences between Chinese and English. However, they come to class eager to learn the language and the different cultures the 21 Spanish- speaking countries share. They took the Fair activity very seriously. They did a lot of research and came up with the design of beautiful posters and videos and felt very proud of teaching the seventh graders what they have learned so far about the language.




        The seventh graders participated actively in the languages fair. They learned a lot of interesting knowledge about the cuisine and humanity of the French and Spanish speaking countries through the presentations, feeling the strong multicultural atmosphere and getting the interest in learning another foreign language.


        Learning a foreign language is never easy. It requires effort inside and outside of the classroom. Because we live in a multicultural world, it is essential to know about various cultures as well as build effective communication skills wherever you live or might travel. The World Languages Fair was a great opportunity for the students to learn about French and Spanish and, more importantly, to experience the beauty of the different cultures behind the languages by engaging their senses of sight, sound and taste.

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        審核 Auditing | Dieu-Anh Nguyen, Toni Dong, Wenping Li

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