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      2. THIS Spring Festival Greetings| 寅虎年,清華附中國際部賀新春

        By Monday January 31st, 2022Events

        觀看視頻 回顧2021


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        學生 李牧耘 Michael Li??






        ? ? ? 大家好!


        ? ? ? 寒暑交迭,萬象更新。光陰荏苒,又至新歲。告別意義非凡的2021年,我們即將共同迎接充滿希望的2022年。在此,我謹代表國際部向大家送上最真摯的祝福,祝愿大家在新的一年里健康、平安、如意!


        ? ? ? 回首過去的一年,清華附中國際部堅定地深耕學術、發展內涵,為學生挖掘優質的學習資源、開拓活動渠道,打造高端的學習平臺。學生們充滿青春與活力,在成長之路上不斷收獲令人驕傲的成績,創造出無數驚喜與精彩。老師們默默奮斗、不斷追求卓越,賦能學生成長。家長們一如既往地給予學校和學生全力支持,家校合力,攜手同行。


        ? ? ? 同學們,你們的夢想,就是國際部的夢想!展望新的一年,讓我們滿懷新的希望與憧憬!祝愿清華附中國際部全體師生虎年虎虎生風,如猛虎一般勇敢地追求自己的夢想!祝愿國際部虎年如虎添翼,如金虎一般在國際教育的陣地上領跑未來!




        2022 SPRING FESTIVAL



        Spring Festival Greetings

        Dear students, teachers and parents,


        As time goes by, here comes the Chinese Tiger Year. It’s time to say goodbye to the meaningful 2021, and welcome 2022 with infinite hope. On behalf of THIS, I would like to send out my best wishes to all of you, wishing you good health and happiness in the New Year!


        In the past year, THIS has made countless attempts and explorations to strengthen academics and work to discover a deeper vision. We continue to look for more learning resources, open up various opportunities and build advanced learning platforms for students to empower their growth. Our students are full of youth and vitality, reaping proud achievements and creating countless surprises and excellence. Also, we have a striving THIS family where every teacher constantly pursues excellence and supports students’ growth.?As always, our parents give their full support to the school and students.

        Dear students, it’s your dreams that strengthen the dream of THIS. For the Chinese New Year, let’s brace new hopes and?aspirations! Again, I wish?you all a wonderful Chinese Tiger Year and hope you pursue your dreams and are as brave as the tiger.?Also, I hope THIS can be the “golden tiger” to lead the future of international education in the upcoming year.

        Ms. LI Wenping

        THIS Executive Principal

        視頻 Video | Nora Li

        排版 Editing | Mia Gu

        審核 Auditing | Toni Dong,

        Wenping Li

        本篇文章來源于微信公眾號: 清華附中國際部

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