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Tsinghua International School is an integration of Chinese and Western education and culture combined with the Tsinghua spirit. Students of THIS have strong ability in both Chinese and English as well as excellent academic competence. The school not only offers solid academic programs but also focuses on students’ overall development. These distinctive features also make Tsinghua International School become the preferred school for the children of returnees.

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Tsinghua International School’s mission is to foster creative critical thinkers who are rooted in China and prepared to lead in the global community.


We aim to develop the whole child, nurturing individuals of exceptional character who will make positive contributions to the world.

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High School
Tuesday February 22nd, 2022

聽聽學生怎么說 | 如何做一個守時的人

清華附中國際部 清音報社最新???二二年二月刊·守 the latest issue of THIS Magazine  edited by THIS Tsing Yin How to be a punctual person 在一片生機盎然萬物復蘇的景色中,我們迎來了春天,迎來了返回校園的日子。每每在春天伊始和新學期到來時,我們總會提醒自己和身邊的伙伴“惜時、守時”,因為我們知道時間匆匆,必須把握。 In the midst of a vibrant landscape where everything…

Monday February 21st, 2022

THIS 1st Day Back to School | 生龍活虎共同返校園 朝氣蓬勃一起向未來

凜冬散盡,暖春歸來 微風輕拂面,草長又鶯飛 這是一個美好的季節 朝氣蓬勃的校園又將回蕩著瑯瑯的讀書聲 Winter is over, spring is back The breeze is light, the grass is growing and  the birds are flying It is a beautiful season The vibrant…

Rewards and Competition
Wednesday February 16th, 2022

喜訊| 清華附中國際部中文辯論隊再奪“上海杯”桂冠!

五屆攜手,二度捧冠 Working Together to Again Win the Championship 2月12日,第五屆上海杯中學生華語辯論錦標賽決賽落下帷幕,清華附中國際部中文辯論隊以13.5比1.5的比分輕取對手,二度奪得該項賽事的冠軍,席浩云同學也一并獲得全程最佳辯手的殊榮。 On February 12th, the THIS Debate Team took top honors at the 5th Shanghai Cup Chinese Debating Championship for Secondary Students. This…

Monday January 31st, 2022

THIS Spring Festival Greetings| 寅虎年,清華附中國際部賀新春

觀看視頻 回顧2021 點擊視頻右下方放大觀看 Click on the bottom right of the video? to enlarge the size 清華國際 學生 李牧耘 Michael Li?? 所作對聯 虎 年 新春賀辭 ? 親愛的同學、老師和家長們: ? ? ? ?…

“My favorite thing about THIS is the positive collaborative spirit that is present in the halls, classrooms, and meetings day after day.”

- Deborah Kapraun, Teacher

“I appreciate the school's teaching philosophy, which is free, diverse, and critical. Besides, all our colleagues are very friendly and enthusiastic; it's enjoyable to get along with them.”

- Cathy Pei, Teacher

“THIS is a family. Students, teachers, administrators, and parents work together and support each other to ensure the success of every child.”

- Robert Williams, Teacher

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